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2014-07-30 00:14:06 Caught Parking V: Epilogue I don't know WHY I hesitated reading this series. Your writing is consistently among the better of the tale tellers on this site.
Thank you for sharing this definitely feel-good story.
2014-01-20 23:26:38 The Snapper You are generally one of the better writers on the site. As a result, when I see a malapropism style typo, I have to comment.
When something arouses your interest, it PIQUE's instead of PEAKs or PEEKs your interest.
I make this comment because this is a word where being misused by one can soon cause it to be misused by others.
2014-01-20 18:58:27 Short, Sexy and sweet: 4- Kiss and tell!! "Yasmin … had a 16 B cup"
! ? ! ? !
Please know what you are talking about with measurements - the number on a bra is normally referring to the "barrel" or band length or IOW, the distance around the chest below the breasts. My NECK is 16 inches, I doubt that any female has a 16 inch chest unless they are under 2 years old. That number should never be smaller than a waist measurement and should actually be quite a bit larger.
2014-07-25 18:33:25 Horny Gym Teacher Got Mother and I I will not vote neg on this vignette because it does have promise, but I will not vote pos on it either because it is not developed in a manner which I can actually appreciate. Primarily, there is not enough back story presented to justify what is actually happening. Secondarily, there is not enough follow thru to justify the vignette itself. Please note that I do not deign to give this the classification of even a short story.
Work on your stories to build a plot first and then find where and how the sex scenes actually fit seamlessly and you have the possibility to become one of the better writers on this site.
2014-07-19 07:55:44 Galactic Vendetta Chapter 02 so far so good
hoping for continuation soon