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2012-06-01 11:07:17 A Journey to the Amazon Thanks Larry. I'm working on some other genre's by request, but have the outline built to the second story of this. I have a few projects on the back burner.

I really enjoyed writing this one, it did a bit of research on the topic and one thing that triggered some of this was from an old loosely translated comment I had read once, long ago, by some natives of the Amazon,

There was a group of botanists from Europe who were interviewing some people about plants and stuff, two of the members of the group were attractive young women. A few older men of one of the tribes they visited, asked if the women would stay had have a few babies.

Of course, that didn't happen, but apparently it was just a big joke for the natives, because the group thought the men were serious and left... LOL.
2012-06-06 16:03:52 Little Red I read some of the negative comments and wonder why those people are even here? This site is for stuff like this and it is well written as well as an erotic and interesting twist on LRRH. Good Job.