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2012-08-24 19:36:52 Loving Babysitter Part 3 In reply to: Anonymous reader
2012-08-04 00:41:57
U should make a 4th 1mommy and have her brothers come home early and secritly watch themhave sex.

I'm not into guys in these stories, it's all about Jamie and Lisa. Incst isn't my thing but more power to you.

To whineguy, this story is all about Lisa and Jamie, no threesomes or more. Sorry. I do have an upcoming story though that starts with a brief threesome then she caves to desire, sends away the slut she was fucking for the hell of it, and screws him like crazy. It's also school setting and he's a teacher. Not done with it yet though. It will be called Naughty Gym Fun. Keep an eye out for it
2012-08-24 20:16:28 Adventures with Powers A few typos but all in all a really good story!
2012-08-24 20:17:46 Just For Starters This was so hot. I've been slowly trying to get my man to let me fuck him but he has not even slightly caved to it
2012-08-26 10:18:51 Lost in the Woods Forgot to log in, I was the previous anonymous reader
2012-08-26 10:19:38 Loving Babysitter Part 4 Um, neither. Have you not read the previous 3?