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2014-07-18 20:32:12 Galactic Vendetta Chapter 01 damnable double posting - sorry
2014-07-18 17:41:19 Galactic Vendetta character list and story set up. This promises to be a worthwhile space opera.
I hope that you are able to continue posting soon.
BTW and strictly for information - are you intending this to be simple SciFi story or are you intending an Erotic SciFi environment?
2014-07-18 20:23:24 Galactic Vendetta Chapter 01 I am posting this before reading, based on the comment at the beginning of the text.

If the story contains slavery and rape then I would recommend adding those tags to the story even if they do not get incorporated into an individual chapter. This will hopefully prevent somebody who has not read the char list from being surprised when they get further into the drama.

- - - - now, let's find out how you tell a story.
[panting with anticipation]
2014-08-12 06:45:22 Snow Globe I just love the way that you weave words.
This story is powerful in a way that few writers can match.
2014-07-25 17:56:42 I CAN'T RESIST MY NEIGHBOR, OR HER TEENAGE GIRLS! - PART 4 I am going to have to do a side-by-side comparison of these stories to find how you edited them (other than the ages).
I also agree that editing them again to fit the current age restrictions would modify the story sooooooo much that it would become unrealistic. I think that I will prefer the original story due to the plot line and realism offered with it.