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2014-07-18 20:19:05 She is the One (Part 7) I have only one suggestion for you: Take your story where YOU want to take it.

Some suggestions might make that more easy and can easily be incorporated into your work and some suggestions will open up ideas which will enhance your story but if you take a suggestion which takes you away from where you want to go then your story will suffer for it, if only in your own eyes. I have seen this with another author on this site and he publicly regretted it.

In counterpoint to those who ask for more sex since this is a sex site, I have only the following to say: your story is yours alone and you know when the sex is right for your story - do not give in just to have a wank scene and end up destroying the story which you have planned.

I will also agree that your story should be published once it has been completed; you are that good of a storyteller.
2014-08-12 05:43:10 Mall Santa I just found this while going through your stories. Why haven't I been through the list before?
2014-08-21 06:05:32 She is the One (Part 13) This is a wonderful story and I am glad that you're sharing your efforts with us.

I also like the reconciliation between the two boys and am interested in how the budding friendship will affect other situations at school.
2014-08-08 14:59:32 Love Story (full story, 6,000 words) I will agree that the ending can seem abrupt but the manner of that ending endorses the abruptness.
IIRC, the competition used the theme of matching a story to a song and this one fits the song which was used (it just didn't fit as completely as the one which won the comp).
Thank you for sharing this on the story side and under your name.
2014-09-01 06:28:08 Being More Social - Chapter 6 Just because I don't like THIS chapter does not mean that I don't like the story.
I am also not going to vote down a story simply because I don't like where the author is apparently taking it. I will wait until he gets to his destination before making the decision to dislike it.
BTW regarding the lists: I rarely use the highest rating list; I use the Latest Updates one.