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2014-03-08 08:02:01 Boy in the grass 22 I hate cliffhangers. Chapters should end after something has been concluded and begin with something new instead of ending just before the conclusion and having the conclusion at the beginning of the next chap.
2014-01-18 03:43:22 Birds of a feather, chapter 3 This is in response to your prelude before reading your story - I have noticed words which were incorrect but could easily be attributed to typos or Dragon Naturally Speaking malapropisms. None of these are show stoppers.

I have enjoyed your stories so far and expect to continue to enjoy them as I read through the series. Thank you for sharing.
2014-01-18 16:43:40 The Taking I have just one comment on your introductory information regarding comments:
You realize that for a person to send a PM, they have to be registered.
If they are registered then they can log in and comment here instead of PM'ing.

Regarding the story, it is as good as the rest of your works. Thank you for sharing.
2014-01-18 16:47:19 Diapers This story was NOT worth a negative vote - logged in pos recorded
2014-01-18 16:48:10 Diapers - - - - - and would you believe that it registered immediately ? ! ? ! ? ! ?