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2014-08-11 22:20:37 Stepsister Seduction Good story but the comments apparently need some critique.
She mentioned that she broke her hymen in gymnastics and for the question about diameter -vs.- circumference, I can only think that it comes from one with a pencil-dick. 3" is the measure of my middle finger's circumference.
2014-07-31 18:44:33 Barn Duty, Night Watch A suggestion for a way to quiet the grammar nazis. When proofreading your story, read from the end to the beginning. This way, your brain does not overlook typos because you know what you were expecting to write.
MY opinion is that this is free reading material, posted in the internet, and typos should be expected (ESPECIALLY if you are using something like Dragon to turn speech into text). As long as they are not misspelled words (quite when trying to write quiet, etc) then I tend to read right through them.
You are writing a good story and this one shows possibility of a decent sequel; I hope to see more of your work soon.
One more suggestion: if you want critiques from other WRITERS and constructive criticism from readers, post in the forum story section. There are a number of published writers that frequent that area.
2014-07-31 17:46:29 She is the One (Part 9) I am really enjoying the story that you are sharing. Keep up the good work.
2014-06-29 09:57:33 Cheerleader from Hell This story was not my normal cuppa, but it was extremely well written for its genre.
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2014-06-07 12:35:48 Beautiful Niece Kaylee Ch.10 neg voter is doing so anonymously - gotta wonder if this is the same jerk who is stalking Magusfang

Your writing is very enjoyable to read; here's hoping to be able to continue reading it.