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2014-06-07 12:35:48 Beautiful Niece Kaylee Ch.10 neg voter is doing so anonymously - gotta wonder if this is the same jerk who is stalking Magusfang

Your writing is very enjoyable to read; here's hoping to be able to continue reading it.
2014-04-28 05:16:48 Boy in the grass 22 I am re-reading this and found a problem with the timing.
The original court date was Thursday and the family recuperated on Friday.
The call from court saying that the "divorce proceedings would resume the following afternoon" would indicate that the courts were open on Saturday.
I hate to be pedantic, but that won't happen.
2014-04-17 23:22:07 Boy in the grass 41 I cannot understand why there would be such a backlash over including Becca in the mix. Besides, it is YOUR story and I think that you are doing a wonderful job of telling it.
I continue to wait for the next installment …
2014-04-27 08:57:01 Boy in the grass 47 logged in pos vote recorded for chapter 46a/b aka chapters 46 & 47 (there should never have been a chapter break between the two).
RE mission impossible: leave that to Alice's retribution, not Amy's. Alice will be the data bank and primary soldier which Amy will use to bring down Thomas Wu's house of cards. You can probably also count on just a little bit of computerized training to ensure that the girls (specifically, Alice and June) are capable of doing what they intend: firearms, martial arts and anything else that the author deems necessary.
2014-02-23 00:06:39 Boy in the grass 13 The only problem with this story is that the chapters are too short.

Keep up the good work.