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Date Story title Comment
2012-06-18 01:59:30 Shadows on the Street I just had to give this story a thumbs up after having such a hard time eliminating it from my personal favorite for the CAW11 competition.
Thank you for putting it up out here (where I won't have to search for it in the forums next year - LOL)
2012-06-18 02:46:52 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 26 Two Hearts no Longer Beat as One Superb writing and powerful story
- waiting for the next chapter, as always
- Fair Winds and Following Seas, Sgt J
2012-06-18 05:33:53 Roses are Red (or, "The Red Girl"). I really enjoyed the tale and wish that I had read it out here instead of the annotated version in the forums first; this version is not as compelling to read.

I enjoyed the twists in the tails and the grist in the nails; you have made this story yours. Is there any hope to see more of it in the future?
2012-06-18 15:23:20 When the Voyeur Decides to Play This one should have been added to my short list (making 6 to choose from) but I could not see the story from the title.
One small, but fatal, error in the competition.
2012-06-19 02:24:24 A happier Anniversary well done - beautiful twist at the end
Too bad that this isn't the same universe as Bride's Maid. This would have been a worthy sequel.