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2012-06-05 08:13:43 I meet Alex Sorry about the paragraphs. My new lap top refused point blank to cut and paste and in the kerfuffle I went through to get the story onto this site, a lot of the text got all squashed up. Things did start very slow. I thought in later years that we wasted a good 25 days but things continued for the next 8 months and when I get to part 2, I think the action will srart in the 2nd or 3rd line.
2012-08-01 18:40:29 Ryouichi and Akira Hi BalancedGuy, I've been waiting ( somewhat impatiently) for the next part. I guess you're busy. When I read your 1st paragraph, thoughts for the start of another story flashed through my mind. I must talk to you about this. I will send you a PM, so dont forget to check your inbox
2013-02-25 18:05:56 A visit to the doctor Nice story , well written. So let's have more, maybe with big brother.