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2012-06-26 15:55:49 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 26 Two Hearts no Longer Beat as One Swing with your partner and life can be good. 'Swing' without and really that's 'virtual' adultery! Without your partner you are turning your back to them -- seems you have 'turned your back' with Cathy? The result is then a very likely big 'ZERO'
2012-06-28 11:56:48 A Game of Inches - Part Nine Broke my heart when Courtney died - I was very fond of that girl. Alexis, I'm not very sure about, bit cold, career type; but maybe she's has also a sad history with a lot of hurt? A real big 'let down' with (say) a fiancee would make her stand back & be cautious? Great stories - don't even think of stopping!!!
2012-06-30 08:17:54 Swinging in the neighborhood Chapter 27 Sherri Becomes an Disappointment Hi 'Old63' -- Sadly you only borrow your kids for 'a time' then they fly the nest - Sadly also, no matter what way you try to show them life's pitfalls, they only really learn through their own mistakes; but you have to let them go, otherwise you don't get them back!
Walleyeguyi - your story will NEVER disappoint your readers
2012-07-03 11:35:15 A Game of Inches - Part Ten Rhiannon57 - Don't change a thing you are doing; write when you can find the time. Forget elaborate proof readings etc - Professional writers have a team (literally!) of editors! Forgive Jenny - surely there's a reason behind her actions? More than one of us have cruised into those blind alleys!
2012-07-11 11:24:27 Swinging in the Neighborhood Chapter 28 The Daughter War Begins Sgt J... Learning the 'art of war' creates a situation where you are not obliged to 'turn the other cheek'. Only you can tell me if this creates a weakness as a civilian where you are obliged to 'turn the other cheek'? I was never in the military but I know the misery of loneliness. I know the dejection of rejection. I know the breaking heart - a child who would not listen. I have the still broken heart even after so much mouthed forgiveness. I used every ploy I could find to paste paper over those cracks.
Nobody sees them now, but I was a fool to think I could repair with paper when a full re-build MAY have been the answer.
Your story resonates with the feelings held within me. I hope you were able to lean on Kay's shoulder, I had nowhere but the supposed solace drained from a bottle. What a fool eh? I am dry now but with such sad memories; all the high points that I should have been able to enjoy obliterated by failure to understand one child. I know I will take this to my grave.