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2012-08-17 14:54:09 Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar Part 2 Man, I've read this story 3 times, and I still love it! I honestly can't wait for part 3!
Mezra, here we go!!
2012-10-31 13:45:42 Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.3 Wow I didn't know that there were people who actually liked the story! I mean, I had the whole story thought out, but I never got comments, so I just forgot about the story. But now that I know, I'll finish chapter 4 and post it as soon as possible! Thanks for the comments!!!!!
(drop to my knees and shouts out "thank the fucking gods!!!!")
2012-11-18 20:49:21 Naruto: Kyuubi Secrets Ch.5 Sorry for the long wait people!! I trully am! Ive just had a terrible case of writer's block the past couple of days. But ive finally picked it back up, and the next chapter shood be out in a day or two! Oh, and ive also got a proofreader!! Yayyyy!!!!!!
2013-03-15 17:05:29 Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.6 Sorry for the VERY long wait people. I've been working on a project, another Naruto fanfic(Which I'll be posting), and I just haven't gotten around to continuing the series. When the project is finished and posted, I'll continue this little series before I start packet two of the project.
P.S. it's going to be called The Lone Shinobi: A Naruto Fanfiction
2013-07-22 10:31:18 Naruto:Kyuubi Secrets Ch.6 Hey, it's me, the dude that wrote this story. I just wanted to post this because it's been bothering me a lot. So, I want you guys to vote on whether or not I should continue this fic. It's just that with a butch of shit on my mind, I haven't gotten around to doing the story. And by the way, I still want to write, so if I don't get any comments, I'll just post another chapter, eventually that is. Until then, peace my peeps...