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2013-06-03 09:04:40 Ticonderoga – Episode 2: Derelict The only thing I wanted to point out was the small grammatical errors. You seem to occasionally mix up the words there and their. There were also times when I noticed small punctuation errors, but they were all so small that I hardly took notice of them. I just felt like pointing them out.

Besides that, though, I am loving this story. It's a nice, light read with plenty of humor. Right now, it certainly keeps me interested. I especially love the newest addition to the crew and I'm already looking forward to seeing what antics the crew gets up to next.
2013-06-03 09:09:43 Ticonderoga – Episode 2: Derelict Oh, one more thing.
In the chapter, you pointed out that MD was frozen, yet she was still somehow thinking. Technically, that should be impossible. All brain activity should've ceased while she was still in the case. The only way that could happen is if she weren't completely frozen. If that were the case, then her body should've decayed and she should've frozen to death. Unless cryogenics have somehow changed, she should either be dead or not able to think while frozen.

It'd be nice if you could clarify exactly how she was able to think while frozen. I don't particularly care if you explain it here in the comments or in the next chapter, I just felt that it was something to keep in mind.