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2012-06-11 18:04:49 Defiance: Chapter Five Just stoping by the say I love the story. Honestly, I just love it. I'm about as hooked as a person can get right now.

My only complaint is the number of minor typos that I've come across in reading this story. They're usually minor typos, small grammar mistakes, or things that spellcheck can easily miss because the word is spelled right, but used wrong.
Such as: "Had her friends sacrifice been in vein?"
The correct word to use would've been "vain". Like I said, small, easy to miss, but also easy to know what you meant to use instead.
It's not a major problem, and (for someone that doesn't look for mistakes as actively as I do) it's quite easy to not even notice the mistakes at all.

My point is: It might help to read over your chapters one last time before posting 'em. Just to catch last minute mistakes.
I understand how easy it is to miss small things, though, especially when you're pumping out chapters as frequently as authors like you do. So. Not a major complaint. I'm jus
2012-06-11 18:06:06 Defiance: Chapter Five I'm just pointing out my only problem with the series. *
2012-06-11 18:13:41 Defiance: Chapter Five Also, I forgot to mention that you shouldn't worry about it unduly.
The only reason I even look for mistakes at all is because it has become an instinct over my years of proofreading for other authors of fanfiction and the like.
Proofreading other peoples' work in my spare tiime has kind of ingrained itself into my being at this point.

I suspect that for anyone that isn't like me, the mistakes don't even exist or are subconsciously being ignored to the point that your story seems perfect.
2012-06-12 02:05:13 Defiance: Chapter Six I just have one question:

You started this as an actual book, but without the sex, right? The sex was added in just for this site, right? So... I can't help but wonder, but does Amy end up pregnant in both versions of the story? Or was that simply something else you added in?

Back to the point though.
Great series, especially for something you shortened down. I'd love to read the original version of the story one day, with or without the sex. Overall, you definitely get a positive vote from me.
2012-06-12 18:03:51 Defiance: Chapter Six I can see what you mean by ereader/ebook sales skyrocketing and such, but -- perhaps this is just me -- I don't see paper books actually going extinct like many people think. I read ebooks and actual books equally, and I have no real preference for one over the other.
I will admit ereaders are extremely convenient and all that, but... I guess I'm just old-fashioned. I still like being able to read a paper books as well.
Besides, there are plenty of people in the world who're even more in love with paper versions than I am and simply won't adapt to ebooks.

Still. That was rather off-topic. Back to the point:
I certainly believe you could get this series published, just judging by what you've posted on this site. But that's all up to you and what you decide. I also support the free ebook idea, but you could just as easily publish the book officially.