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2012-06-14 00:58:05 Weird changes chap 1 Ok so ur age is a secret, and ur experementing with ur sexuality, your either very young or old. But u said fourteenth so Im guesing ur from twelve to Fifteen urs old?,
2012-06-15 01:57:31 Start over, with me To the guy at the bottem, thanks for the thumbs up. It helps to know there are others out there.
2012-06-15 02:04:33 We Started As Friends This poem is the reason I enjoy poetry. It helped me patch up some stuff. Thanks I owed you big
2012-06-17 01:14:01 Thinking of Then Why am I getting so much neg. votes for this poem?
2012-06-17 22:45:37 Shitty joks that are funny as fuck Neh, I told my friend I had an acount, and since he was too lazy to make his own, he used mine. Ive known the guy for eight years so I said ok. I dont really tell jokes.