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2012-06-08 07:28:28 Curious 10 Year old Yeah, I agree with him. The subject matter was weird, but it's not like you hid it so I can't complain on that end. Good writing skills though.
2012-06-08 07:48:12 Mel - Part 1 I can't fathom why this is rated so low. I enjoyed it immensely, and I really how you continue. Great job.
2012-06-09 09:28:03 I'd Make Us Even Did you call him a wanker? You Brits have some goofy insults.

But yeah, definitely make a sequel.
2012-06-09 09:29:46 College Daze - Chapter 3 Fuck, this made me cry. Poor Cassie.
2012-06-14 15:28:53 A Game of Inches - Part Nine I liked Courtney , but honestly she started to piss me off a little bit. I admit, I DID tear up a bit when she died, but still. She just always seemed to clingy. Alexis is an awesome character though. Kind of like a super-courtney... But I'm still king of hanging on to the idea of Brian and Ashley. Anyhow, another great story! And I'm sure you already know this, but don't throw in random sex scenes just to appease some of these people. The story is going great, keep developing the relationships. But yeah. Awesome story. Please hurry on the next part <3