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2012-08-05 23:04:34 A rookie's folly(formerly called the huntress) Wasn't sure I wanted to do a sequal, writing for me has been somewhat of a when I get up the desire to do it, kind of rare and I don't really do sequals, nice to see this actually got read a bit so far for my first posting
2012-08-28 02:48:51 Helping out(opportunity knocks) Oops, got a name mix up in there it should be Ray not Don, gonan change that in a bit
2012-08-28 02:51:13 Helping out(opportunity knocks) unless it isn't a bother, cause I'd have to re post the whole thing edited, ugh I hate that I missed that one there
2012-10-23 12:27:51 A Companing For The Road I hadn't realized I messed up the title, damn
2012-10-23 12:29:20 A Companing For The Road Hmm, also it didn't separate correctly, may have to repost it