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2014-08-13 23:40:39 Blackmailing a celebrity into becoming my piss whore and confessing to her friend This is the second one of your stories that I have read and they keep getting better. Bravo. P.S. I wonder if Diana has an understudy I would gladly volunteer to stand in, or crawl in whatever you require '<)
2012-06-12 15:30:10 A Show to Never Forget Very fun and realistic , good writting, made me hotttt!
2012-06-12 15:35:34 Dark Nights and Darker Sins good story, kept me on edge ;<) the whole way through.
2012-06-12 15:55:56 Close Friends Oh I loved it, lots of my favorite things. Please write another as I plan on rereading this one several times. I think sarah owes bella a little oral payback, I'm sure that if bella forces her to do it she will find she loves it. Great story.
2012-07-13 13:16:10 Curse of the gypsy woman - Part four Great start, loved it, I see alot of potential here for the repressed church ladies to descend more deeply into perversion. The worser the hotter, if you know what I mean. Love the concept ;<)