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2014-07-22 22:47:05 Daddy/Lexi Series Chap. 15 All-Because this site has changed the age requirement for the characters, all of the Lexi series can be accessed at My next series of true stories will be here as I like the comments section better. They will also be on Good reading, and thank you very much for the kind comments.
2014-04-03 04:23:10 Lexi/Daddy Series Chapter 16 I used the Jeremy Irons version of Lolita. I think Lolita was a bit older in the later version. Censorship and all.......
2014-05-03 06:18:43 Kimberly and her Daddy Chap. 17 Hello All-I'm doing my best to write and submit more stories, but I'm not too fast. Many of you have given me great suggestions, and a few will be used. There will be more with the Adams family and yes, the Chase family will be close. Please be patient. Each story takes a week to write and a few more days to edit. I want them to be as perfect as I can get them.
2014-01-19 05:57:17 Daddy Aquires Lexi Chapter 2 Tammylover-That's the idea. Hope you blow more.
2014-04-05 20:39:40 Breaking All The Rules, part 1 A fabulous story! Loved it! Will reading more and more, you can count on it! Thank you very much.