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2014-07-22 22:47:05 Daddy/Lexi Series Chap. 15 All-Because this site has changed the age requirement for the characters, all of the Lexi series can be accessed at My next series of true stories will be here as I like the comments section better. They will also be on Good reading, and thank you very much for the kind comments.
2014-08-08 00:34:41 Rhiannon Jones at 16, part 3 As usual, beautifully written. Interesting you brought a Vietnam veteran in on the story. It could very well be believable. If only the world had more young ladies like in your stories. Take care and keep up the great work. And thank you for writing.
2014-04-03 04:23:10 Lexi/Daddy Series Chapter 16 I used the Jeremy Irons version of Lolita. I think Lolita was a bit older in the later version. Censorship and all.......
2014-05-03 06:18:43 Kimberly and her Daddy Chap. 17 Hello All-I'm doing my best to write and submit more stories, but I'm not too fast. Many of you have given me great suggestions, and a few will be used. There will be more with the Adams family and yes, the Chase family will be close. Please be patient. Each story takes a week to write and a few more days to edit. I want them to be as perfect as I can get them.
2014-01-19 05:57:17 Daddy Aquires Lexi Chapter 2 Tammylover-That's the idea. Hope you blow more.