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2012-06-13 00:26:15 Hinata's love for Naruto Part. 2 Sorry, typo lol And the first part progresses into the sex slower but, I've got up to part 3 Completed. This is just to see if people would still like to read this story.
2012-06-14 22:51:58 Hinata's love for Naruto pt. 1 I did make it into paragraph's, its odd that's not in that format now...
2012-06-15 00:45:38 Sorry I didn't like you're story and gave you 1 negative rating. I'm sorry to have an opinion. And sorry for your incomplete knowledge of the Naruto universe. Unfortunately I don't really care about you're petty grudges.
2012-06-15 00:46:45 Hinata's love for Naruto pt. 1 Hah, Idiot's make me smile.