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2012-12-02 09:39:52 A Slave of the Rus - The Conclusion I really like your stories. Not the typical XNXX fodder, but engaging with good characterization and an interesting setting.

But... (didn't you know there was a "but" coming?) you do confuse some words. A "Pail" holds water like a bucket, "Pale" is light skinned. "Waste" is garbage, worthless leftovers, "Waist" is a part of the body, on healthy people the narrowest part of the torso.

That being said, these did not detract from the story for me. If there is anyone that can proofread your work before you post it, that is the best way to catch issues like that.

Thanks for the story.
2013-01-27 14:04:09 Sandra is late getting home. Very, very good. Well written, well formatted, believable characters and situations. I look forward to the further adventures of Charles and Sandra.