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2014-01-19 08:30:37 Progenitor 1: The Beginning *grin* No worries, anonymous reader. I appreciate having readers who care enough to call it out if you think my work is being stolen, and even more that they have the integrity to come back and say "Whoops, my bad" when they find out were wrong. Thanks for your concern.
2012-06-24 05:16:35 Progenitor 1: The Beginning Very good catch re: the formatting. I didn't catch this when I was uploading, but I've emailed the support department with an updated version which includes blank lines between paragraphs AND indentation of the first line of each paragraph. That should make it considerably easier to read. The next chapter's already written, although my next upload will be from my other series - that'll be in July.
2012-07-08 02:04:04 Progenitor 1: The Beginning Interesting. Author here - I've never seen Prometheus, but I'll certainly admit that Species 1 + 2 were influences. This was initially released on a now-defunct message board (impregnorium) back in 2011 or so, and there's still a version on another site dated 9/1/11, so I can promise that I wasn't influenced by Prometheus.
2012-08-19 23:30:27 Inch by inch Generally, comments on this site are anonymous. I think the comment system is broken actually, because I've never seen a comment on my stories which DIDN'T claim to come from an anonymous poster. Still, I must echo the sentiments of the others, with a grain of suggestion for improvement: Do what I did when I first started - rip off an author you admire, blatantly. Say, "I'm going to try to write like John Ringo" and actually copy down one of the sex scenes from his novel 'Ghost' for instance. Then try to write like him as you write what happens next; go over it until the differences in style aren't jarring transitions, but smooth ones. Your target author's style will rub off on you as you do so. Now pick another author you like, and another, and another. Your style becomes an alloy of the authors you admire, mixed with your own originality.

Now, go forth and study in this manner. When next you post here, it shall be better met than this first effort.