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2012-06-23 15:41:38 My Younger Brother's Friend Part 6: Winter Break with Ray I did quite enjoy this story, it was very ordinary, there was nothing to distinguish it from thousands of others. I wish I could say something more positive about it. Perhaps I should read it again, but I really couldnt be arsed.
2012-06-23 16:04:12 Teen Brothers Growing Up2 I enjoyed this story, It has passion and the combination of secret felatio and incest adds to the spice. I could almost taste the spunk. I'll go and read the first part now.
2012-06-23 16:23:19 Teen Brothers Growing Up Yeah I loved that, it had the forbidden secrecy of teenage boy wanking plus the excitement of incest, a passion for the erect spunk spurting cock,keeps it all real. An excellent story but will the second part compliment the first? I sure hope so.
2012-06-23 16:58:02 babysitting very promising, I enjoyed reading that. Hope you can develop that theme, rather than more of the same.