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2012-09-03 06:08:21 The Boy Who Lived Down The Street(Part Nine) Just the most awesomest story, as I have told you before. Sad, there is only one more chapter. Hope it will be a little longer and go into more details and you make it a happy ending. Oh, and please do NOT leave the last chapter open, as you are a GREAT writer and all stories should have an ending. Again, thanks for the MOST AWESOMEST and GREATEST story I have read, so far. Can not wait for your next one. What will the title to it be? So, I can look for it, please!!!
2012-10-11 01:42:28 Hidden Memories(Part Five) ell, I totally understand how you feel. So, I will just have to wait. Waiting will make it that much better. Like I said, I, myself, atleast understand and respect your decision. But, am very excited for the rest of this story, as I was for your first story. THANKS!!!
2012-10-11 01:45:59 Hidden Memories(Part Five) Well. Sorry about the misprint.,
2012-10-11 02:31:47 Hidden Memories(Part Five) Well, I appreciate that very much, but that would not be fair to all your other faithful readers, who are waiting, just as I am. But, like I said, I understand and will wait until you are ready. THANKS!!!
2012-12-05 22:51:14 Stepsister Seduction Chapter 2: Mom came home YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! Please continue, please!!!