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2013-03-25 17:56:55 My life pt1 Just because there's an average speed at which a penis grows doesn't mean that's the speed everyone's grows at, right now my cock is 10" by 4" and I'm pretty sure its not growing any more, when I was younger my cock grew fast then when I was about 15-16 it pretty much stopped growing, now I'm 20 and I'm pretty sure it has stopped, get over the fact that my cock was and always will be bigger then yours, so go fuck yourself.
2013-03-25 17:59:22 My life pt1 I don't yet know when pt2 will be up, thanks for the comments.
2013-03-26 01:26:38 My life pt1 I still do fuck Sam and me and Lynn are dating.
2013-03-26 01:28:41 My life pt1 @ anon 2012-03-25 18:51:49: does anyone ever edit?

Whay do you mean?
2013-03-26 02:37:44 My life pt1 I don't care who thinks what, I know what happened, if they don't believe it, that's there problem.