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2012-08-05 19:01:10 Irene learns about sex Now you need chapter two, with sister Judy getting in on the fun!
2012-08-06 12:55:01 The Crabwalk Lolitest11. Great story. I just submitted my first ever story, and I have a lot to learn. I do agree that ease of editing would be very helpful. I see that I will have to structure the form to be more in line with yours. Keep them coming, as I see a great wealth of tales are running through your mind. I guess I could just re-submit my story, and delete the original, right? It met with less than stellar approval.
2012-08-07 11:06:00 9 year old adventure Wow, I wish I had kids like that in my neighborhood when I was growing up!
2012-08-08 01:06:18 The Bike Shop I appreciate the criticisms. Thank you. I mentioned this was a re-posting. That would mean it's the same story. Don't waste your own time re-reading it then!
As far as the spacing goes, I'm glad you think it's an improvement. I also utilized nounage, adverbage, predicatage, and other forms of age. I suggest you may just want to read the verbage in quotation marks. I will try to make things easier for the reader, but I still reserve artist license to format, structure, space, edit, and spell as I choose. Grammar Nazi's can pipe in anytime they want. I am mostly concerned with content, not form. You may want to comment on that.
2012-10-11 17:29:04 Summer swim at our pool What is the deal with so many commenters wanting young girls to get pregnant? That is just ludicrous!