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2012-07-16 00:22:06 A Game of Inches - Part Ten I wanted to thank you for such an amazing work, and what a twist with the whole marriage thing
2012-07-29 15:25:06 My New Playmate Sam Thanks I'll keep that in mind check back in a week or so I'll try to put up a second longer part, hopefully it'll be better and thanks again.
2012-07-29 20:11:09 My New Playmate Sam Hahaha thanks I'll keep that in mind.
2012-08-01 00:01:20 My New Playmate Sam I'm letting people know if you like this story I got into a real groove tonight and wrote for like two hours, and might have a new, hopefully really good chapter up in a few days, which is a lot sooner then I expected to have gotten done. And thanks for good comments, and tips.
Bye bye :p
2012-08-12 23:25:56 Evil Souls Have No Limits I'm not big into the death aspects of stories but the story is really good, I really can't wait to see a part 2 because I was really enjoying it the whole time.