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2012-11-16 13:39:24 Driven Lust XI [NO DON'T YOU DARE]- I heard ya the first time, sheesh :)
Although, we all know Cathleen isn't fond of Ying and might see her as a gratuity for her client... I was kidding, Damn!

[haggas]- You are welcome.

I am aware of two so far.

Puerto Rico is part of the US and a citizen there cannot be an illegal. Correction on Puerto Rico will be Brazil in future chapters here if needed.

Per say should have read per se

Thanks for taking the time reading it.
2012-11-16 15:27:05 Driven Lust XI [Gentalman, I don't even know what to tell you.]- I hope it takes you on a little adventure to excite a boring day.

Error- Pontius Pilot was corrected to Pontius Pilate.

Ending changed- [“Please inform us, how much do I pay for that China doll? She is absolutely exquisite.” he asked, pointing at Ying playing with her clit ring.]

Modified to- [“Please inform us, how much do I pay for that little China doll?” he asked, pointing at Ying playing with her clit ring. “She is absolutely exquisite.”]
2012-11-16 15:46:54 Driven Lust XI [Gentleman, marry me? XD]- I am afraid my kinkiness may frighten the graceful lady. Surely you have read some of them and I have more to include. But thank you for the proposal and do seek a more balanced man.
2012-11-16 16:05:51 Driven Lust XI [I'm well aware of your imagination/ kinkiness]- Good heavens! You poor child, I share in your plight. Neither of us are tuned even closely right. It is forever true that fact is indeed stranger than fiction. With that being said, I can only surmise, you are indeed quite the vixen.
2012-11-16 16:26:50 Driven Lust XI [I can assure you that we're perfectly tuned]- We are what we are. I have a good start on the next chapter.

[silver dragon]- Ah, Cathleen, the mystery queen.
Perhaps I have painted myself in a corner. I like finding a way to get out of it :)