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2012-11-16 16:05:51 Driven Lust XI [I'm well aware of your imagination/ kinkiness]- Good heavens! You poor child, I share in your plight. Neither of us are tuned even closely right. It is forever true that fact is indeed stranger than fiction. With that being said, I can only surmise, you are indeed quite the vixen.
2012-11-16 16:26:50 Driven Lust XI [I can assure you that we're perfectly tuned]- We are what we are. I have a good start on the next chapter.

[silver dragon]- Ah, Cathleen, the mystery queen.
Perhaps I have painted myself in a corner. I like finding a way to get out of it :)
2012-11-17 04:49:43 Driven Lust XI [Ying not for sale]
[Either give Ying's slave to the President or Vicki.]
[oh, and seriously, please don't allow Cat to sell Ying]

These responses are the direct result of publishing unfinished work. But, I will relieve you of your worries, Ying can't be sold.

But how that dilimma is solved will be in the next chapter.

[wow, this chapter took a turn I didn't expect]- I hope you find it an adventure.

It is a thrill for me to have brought emotional reactions from pages in a book. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.
2012-11-17 13:57:50 Driven Lust XI Changes
Original: [Oh you see; it seems to be a trend in the upper class here]

Modified to: [Oh you see; it seems to be a trend in the upper class here in the States]
2012-11-17 21:27:25 Driven Lust XI [Ever the Gentleman]- LOL!!! I have been putting that in there in every chapter and, although you commented as Anonymous reader, you need to pat yourself on the back, whoever you are. I tip my hat at you. You are the first person to acknowledge that fact.

[NRL]- Thank you for your comments and taking the time to read it.