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2012-12-04 04:18:21 Driven Lust XIII [darthel0101]- Thank you. I also have an epilogue posted there as well.
I didn't expect the link and was going to wait to post the epilogue when Driven Lust XIII left the Latest list.

I will go ahead and post it.
2012-12-04 12:54:38 Driven Lust XIII This is my final chapter in this story. Additional chapters wouldn't do it justice, I don't think. The epilogue was posted but I can't find it. It is posted in the forum as well as a graphic book cover (Did someone say anime?).

[Turning make to the women protesters, he caved in to their demands]
Changed to: Turning back to the women protesters, he caved in to their demands
2012-12-05 00:30:38 Driven Lust XIII [What are your future plans for this site?]- I wanted to start a serial with Driven. The next book, already started is Driven Urges.

It features Miss Moore starting with her arrival back from visiting Cathleen and James at her apartment complex she owns and the doorman she mentioned in this book. She really does want a servant like Cat and James has.
2012-12-05 00:33:48 Driven Lust XIII [This whole series was just CRAZY GOOD! Thanks for a GREAT ride! Pun intended.]- Thank you and the rest for taking the time in reading it all.
2013-01-08 13:33:20 Driven Wild [angieslover]- Glad you enjoyed it.
[another yard]- Dunno, maybe later on.
[mrfootlong69]- A plug for your writings... Click on his name to read his posts people :)
[My pussy is dripping wet] Tried... but anonymous didnt respond, doh.
[I would have loved it if this happened]- LOL!
[ James and the gang]- Hope I can keep up the interest.
[PPL WHO THINK ABT RAPE]- Wish I could figure out what you're rambling on about but your writing sux. Secondly, you have no right to protest something you obviously didn't read. Go get educated enough to learn the English language before you spew your views all over the place, it's hard to take you seriously.