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2013-06-22 15:19:03 Cumberland Falls [Anonymous reader- Not a "STORY"]
Looks like a story to me. Sorry about the message at the bottom, I'll cut/paste it to the top. I guess I wasn't thinking there.
Wait, I can't change it, sorry. Looks like its permanent.
Since you left no screen name, I'll just refer to you as Reader Leech, that's about all you want, something for nothing, isn't it? Oddly enough, you never complained about the advertising the first poster added. That was also at the BOTTOM. Weird, huh?

Seriously though, if enough people got to the right people, perhaps an author could fix the errors. Sadly, this site doesn't really care about your issues or mine.
All I can do is tell you to suck it up and move on.
Then I can recommend all authors post such as I. That will be the only way to fix the blatant disregard to pleas from readers and authors alike.
Until then, I will use the free website to post free stories and free plugs to whatever I choose. Freedom of speech and all that jazz.