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2012-10-03 05:25:56 Driven Lust III I am taking a break from Another Yard. It is going to be a lot of work. It isn't dead. I'd like to get to the same point in Driven Lust that I have in the other. I will give out a teaser however. Zach finds out what circumcision is :)
2012-10-04 19:44:08 Compelled Thank you all for commenting!

Anonymous reader 2012-10-04 10:04:15 I am working on Driven so save your ropes.

The next chapter, James receives a gift of a lifetime.
2012-10-05 05:30:18 Driven Lust IV Please keep in mind that this is fiction. Any offense taken from this story is your own perception, not mine. Do NOT compare me with a charactor's point of view. I do not endorse or condone the acts of a fictional charactor.

I hope you will take the story as it is; for pure enjoyment only.
2012-10-07 13:37:18 Driven Lust IV Thank you all for commenting. I enjoyed reading them.

riderofvengence- I am always fascinated with posts like yours. Can't you do that in reality rather than virtuality?

I love Ying now- You'll love her more next chapter.

Too many assholes online- Well, there's never a shortage.

Only a gentleman- I, personally, would find it hard to resist.

defloweration of slave- dont know when but you're pobably right.

'Another Yard' series?- itll be continued later.

90 percentile- most statistics are invalid. I wouldn't go by it.
2012-10-08 05:29:35 Driven Lust V Please comment and vote. I'm interested in your favorite or worse parts.