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2012-10-17 23:47:43 Driven Lust VII Nandarb- I can’t understand you. Please remove whoever is in your mouth.

Following this story has been an adventure--- Thanks.

I really enjoy this series.--- Thanks.

Thank you for commenting and voting, even if you vote negative. It would be nice if you could comment on why you voted negative though. It would be of some benefit to me to improve myself.
2012-10-19 20:43:16 Driven Lust VIII Thank you for commenting and voting, greatly appreciated.

If you have read from the beginning till now, here are some statistics for you:

You have read 90000 words so far.

You have found these words-- cock 166 times, pussy 154 times, fuck 148 times, butt plug 65 times, orgasm 72 times, cum 54 times, slave 74 times. The name James has been mentioned 2084 times.

If you copied and pasted into a Word document, you would have 193 pages in single spacing lines.

Once again, thanks for the support.
2012-10-20 14:48:35 Driven Lust VIII Loving the series I want a man like James!!---- I want to be James.

What can I say Humor and sex---- Glad you enjoyed it.

shazza82391--- Thank you for the kind words.

Always leave 'em laughing--- Yeah, I like good humor.

There have been plenty of series I've read---- I hope to not disappoint.

it's like a good book I don't want to put down!!--- you made me blush.
2012-10-20 14:56:34 Driven Lust VIII Anonymous reader 2012-10-19 20:45:17 looking for a long rp----

It's called Marriage.
2012-10-22 17:53:13 Driven Lust VIII link is my hero i wish there was more---- I'll try to include some things but I'm no expert on dom women.

You couldn't post a reason why you hated this story?---- I couldnt figure out what you were talking about until I clicked on VOTES link. I had no idea that was there.

But, to each their own, they might not like the flow of the story or something. It isn't War and Peace after all.