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2012-10-22 17:58:25 Driven Lust Lucky Mann---- thanks for the encouraging word.

Very good story, please never mind the idiots---- bah, I didn't expect any awards and you are always are surrounded by lower life forms.

LOVED IT---- Thanks for the compliment.
2012-10-22 21:26:49 Driven Lust II darthel0101---- Thanks for commenting.

Very entertain story----- I like twists and turns.

Great vocabulary---- Thank you!

I'm voting positive on this one.---- Greatly appreciated.

You need to write a book!---- Quit it! You make me blush.

Love the rob Schneider impersonator---- I did too!

This seems too good to be true---- Hence, it is marked fantasy.

I am seeing small spelling errors/typos throughout---- Yeah, I tend to post the drafts to get them online. Typos I can fix in my liesure time.

Thank you all for commenting, love reading them.
2012-10-24 18:32:43 Driven Lust VIII You should incorporate======= Thanks for the thoughts.

when they log in and hit you with negatives========= I guess I will take their negatives as compliments then since they're that jealous :)
2012-10-28 03:24:27 Driven Lust zuko25- good thought and will do. I have two more I want to add to Driven Lust and Another Yard will follow.
2012-10-29 03:36:14 Driven Lust IX Statistics:

If you read from the beginning, you have...

Read over 108000 words so far.
Read 227 pages of text.
Read 'Butt Plug' 75 times.


Who is Joy?
What is Jenny's last name?
How many orgasms did Cathleen have with James and Mike?