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2012-11-08 16:44:01 Driven Lust X [Very well written - this has the makings of a novel and a half.]- I have plans on a second novel... Driven Desires.

[Love it. I check every day for the next Chapter.]- It's coming soon.

[hornswoggling]- A term I rarely see anymore as well.

[any girls wanna chat or sext ]- sorry, they're too busy doing it in person.

[well written as usual, chapter 10 was full of surprises]- Thank you for the compliment.

[the wait is driving me nuts]- I must ask you to curb your driven lust sir :)

Thanks everyone for commenting.
2012-11-11 14:28:23 Driven Lust X [Pure genius, keep it going]- will do

[Just a request]- I have tried to be as subtle as possible with that relationship. The problem I have is posting unfinished stories. Stop reading unpublished chapters! You
re knocking the fun out of it. LOL
2012-11-11 17:21:46 Driven Lust X [I was hooked from the beginning]- Sucker! Just kidding. Thanks for reading it.

[I've read this story from the begining and luv it all.] I believe the experience is more important than the orgasm because... isnt the experience the cause of the orgasm? I can see myself in James' shoes although I doubt I could match his tolerance level.

Did you know an author can vote on his own story? How ridiculous is that? I seen that I did on this chapter. I might have done so in the past. I was just goofing off and it took my vote. This site needs an overhaul.
2012-11-12 15:00:12 Driven Lust X [So then I guess I registered to the other site just to read your stories for nothing.]- I can please some of the people some of the time...

I think I'll just give up pleasing people.
2012-11-12 15:46:23 Driven Lust X [It's not about pleasing people.]- I was referring to the other website. There, I can correct and modify the story for a better reading experience. With chapter 10, I posted it there first, got a proof reader to help with it, then posted it here with corrections because I kept getting mail begging me to. If it is any consolation, the other website has a more general list of books to enjoy.