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2012-10-02 17:37:21 Compelled I thought to throw out a story for the holiday. This was quick and rushed. Just something done in a day. The words are a little intricate and some of it doesnt rhyme just right. Please go easy on your critiques.
2012-10-04 19:44:08 Compelled Thank you all for commenting!

Anonymous reader 2012-10-04 10:04:15 I am working on Driven so save your ropes.

The next chapter, James receives a gift of a lifetime.
2013-01-08 13:33:20 Driven Wild [angieslover]- Glad you enjoyed it.
[another yard]- Dunno, maybe later on.
[mrfootlong69]- A plug for your writings... Click on his name to read his posts people :)
[My pussy is dripping wet] Tried... but anonymous didnt respond, doh.
[I would have loved it if this happened]- LOL!
[ James and the gang]- Hope I can keep up the interest.
[PPL WHO THINK ABT RAPE]- Wish I could figure out what you're rambling on about but your writing sux. Secondly, you have no right to protest something you obviously didn't read. Go get educated enough to learn the English language before you spew your views all over the place, it's hard to take you seriously.
2013-01-10 12:41:49 Driven Wild [Even if i do love your stories... ]- This book is going to suck for you. Bad things happen to good people here :) Also, 400 pages was ended abruptly? I hate finishing a good book myself and feel the same way so I know where you're coming from.

[Awesome...]- That's $25.00 posting fee for your advertisement.

[3157278232]- another $25.00

[1.kiss your left hand]- You owe me $68.00 I'm charging you per word just for making me read that drivel.

[You've emphasized James and Cat's relationship very well]- I'll see what I can do.

[Im an 18 year old sexy latina]- $25.00 please... it's starting to ad up! (pun intended)

[G-man, you've done it again! ]- Hope to keep it interesting for you.
2013-02-24 14:24:36 Driven Wild The series was selected for publishing. Details are on my profile.