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2012-07-23 00:33:28 U L T R A - V I O L E N C E A great piece here brother. I look forward to the sequel :)
2012-07-23 00:35:10 U L T R A - V I O L E N C E I'm glad you enjoyed my tale anonymous reader 2, and also me being a fan of slime I can assure you if was ever in such a place I'd never have departed.
2012-07-23 11:02:09 A Clockwork Orange I mention a clockwork orange at the beginning and I'm not claiming the characters as my creation
2012-07-28 15:44:49 My First Milf You're an asshole. Really your best friends mom? Cunt.
2012-07-28 15:50:25 U L T R A - V I O L E N C E Yes I did, and what the fuck do mean cliffnotes???