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2013-06-19 20:51:18 Jake's Mistake What the actual fuck did I just read.....I was gonna give this a chance but dude that was fuuuuuked up. I hate to tell anyone they suck at writing, but you seriously suck at writing. Please do not write again but if for some horrible horrible reason you do, don't.
2013-06-19 21:48:31 The angel of wayward Prostitutes Part One: Strawberries Oh, and I forgot to mention this. But if I get enough positive comments I'll upload part two, if not eh.
2013-08-28 21:26:57 Tentaclea (restarted) Not bad, I like it. You should have the monster return sometime though. Keep it in the family too.
2013-10-29 00:38:13 Oren part 1 Oh, like the others if I get enough positive comments there will be a part two.
2013-11-13 04:15:51 Oren part 1 Thanks, anon, I wish I'd done that on purpose. But no, I just liked the name.