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2012-09-03 08:22:10 Brother's love- Part 8- Oh, hi, mom Guys, I fear I will have to end this series of stories, I can hardly find time to go online. With my school already started I can't find time for myself anymore.
2012-11-09 07:56:27 Brother's love- Part 9- Cause baby you're a firework Since I'm feeling a little sporty today I think I can put up two stories.
I don't know for sure, but I think I can.
2012-11-10 02:32:08 Brother's love- Part 10- I miss you darling... Oh there will be bunch more stories.
Aky. :)
2012-11-10 03:17:37 Davis' House Great story. Made me hard a couple of times while reading.
2012-11-10 10:23:55 Brother's love- Part 10- I miss you darling... Um guys. I'm going to a party today and I'm afraid I won't be able to post a story today.
I'm very sorry. I'll put a stuory tomorrow, I promise you.
Hope you're not mad.
Aky. :D