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2013-09-14 23:41:20 My Confession, a Love Forbidden Wow, this story is definitely one of the better ones on this site. Very realistic - some of these stories, it makes me nuts about how corny or unrealistic the dialogue is (even inner monologue). The only thing I'd change is I wish Katie would have been a bit slower in engaging Shawn completely like that, but otherwise it was really awesome. I really really liked it. I like how Katie stuck to her guns with Tom and didn't take any bullshit. I hope you make more stories :) (perhaps part 2?)
2013-10-07 05:05:07 My Confession, a Love Forbidden When will you make more stories? :)
2013-10-10 13:25:23 Cassie Pt. 3 @anon 10-08 1:44 - I'm very happy you enjoyed it! :)

@anon 10-08 6:08 - You bring up some interesting points, thank you for the feedback! I appreciate the honesty. This is supposed to be a reflection back from an older perspective. They both are supposed to be more mature, more thoughtful, more in-depth, and more in tune with their feelings, ergo definitely different. I had to mention Gail because I felt a tip of the hat to the ending of Part 2 was obligatory. Also, I think Bobby's sexuality is fluid. And at this point I don't think a bigoted person would say "Oh, she's intersexed? That's ok then that she has a cock". I think Intersexed and transgendered, in this context, are interchangeable terms. She has male genitalia, a female body, and identifies as female. I certainly think it's something that, as a proper story, needed to be addressed. I think it was appropriate to "ignore" that fact in the first two parts because it was far less in-depth than the story I'm trying to tell.
2013-10-10 13:26:08 Cassie Pt. 3 But I will definitely take your suggestions into account. Thank you! :)