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2012-09-01 17:11:47 You Ain't Gonna Believe This... awesome joke, i pissed myself laughing!! i was Rofl too!
2012-09-01 17:21:17 some funny jokes sorry guys if my joke dissapointed you, it's my first time writing and actually i thought that those were pretty funny, i think differently to everybody else on here and i like different things, i think these jokes suit my personality and the jokes i like well. Again, sorry if i let you down and if you leave a negative vote, please leave a comment as to why you didn't like it, thanks ;)

2013-03-05 00:37:52 Kidnapped into slavery wow, this is really good for a first story xD i wouldnt be able to do this.... Write more, and you will get pleasure out of just writing them, love this story :)