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2012-08-20 02:42:54 Bobby and Keera at the Pool, Chapter 2 I have three openings for Chapter 3 (Bobby fucks Sammi, Bobby fucks Zoe, and Bobby fucks Keera again), and I can't decide which one to go with. Any suggestions?

(Just don't give me a negative rating if you choose one girl and I decide on a different one, okay?) :)
2012-09-03 14:52:48 Bobby and Keera at the Pool, Chapter 1 Shit. You're absolutely right, Anonymous: it's been too many years since I last had to fill a pool at the beginning of a season. Unfortunately, this site makes it very difficult to edit a story. So between you and me, what I MEANT was, Bobby had cleaned out the pool the previous day, and Bobby and Keera's dad started the pool filling at night. In the morning, Bobby had to add the chemicals, and then check the levels before he and Keera could swim.
2012-09-21 01:29:26 Josh and Missy, Chapter 3: The Retur of Susie (FORMATTING CORRECTED; PLEASE READ THIS ONE) Anonymous, I wasn't going to have anybody get pregnant -- that's not what happened in real life after all -- but for the purposes of the story, I needed something to have happened that was terrible enough to make Josh consider what was essentially a revenge rape.
2012-10-01 23:33:14 Bobby and Keera, Chapter : Sammi's Story Anonymous Reader, this is Chapter 4 of the Bobby and Keera series (the "4" got dropped out of the title and it's nearly impossible to edit anything around here). There will indeed be a part 5.
2012-11-16 14:00:19 The First Weekend in August (Part 1): Steve and Kit and the Blackout Okay, I'm done with this site: they messed up the formatting, and I have no way of fixing it. There's supposedly an option where an author can e-mail them and ask them to make a change, but I'm still waiting for a response to a 2-month-old request. I am not going to put time and effort into writing a story that just annoys people (and gets me a lower rating because of it).