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2013-01-01 20:20:32 Shelly loves preteen lobotomy Oh and like 1 more thng for you loserdorks! People keep saying my story stinks but you know what? their ATTITUDE STINKS. At least i dont have a brain that stinks like most of u freaks and pervs out there!! i'd rather stink like fish and slime for ever than be like u losers with ur smelly thoughts!
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He's being LOBOTOMISED anyway, not KILLED.

ERR and so is the bit at the beginning where shelly'sbeing worked and treated by the alien and he's choking her and giving her fluids and gently enterimg her brain? That's what we need to see more of.

My work is perfect and special and i should not be listening to the filth you say. Your words are filth. Everything you say just stinks. Stinks. Stinks. STINKS.
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