Comments from B001

Date Story title Comment
2012-07-31 01:13:57 Sexy Sisters and Mom This story has it all the dirty feeling that comes from doing something you know your not supposed to; the delicate balance between brother and sister to girl and boy. This story was hot a work of art muddled only by slight grammar errors great job. Chow b001 out!!
2012-08-02 00:14:56 My Sister's Friends Part VII.5 Humm very good very good I don't usually write reviews words have a strog power but here I will make an exception. You are begining to show the mental fatigue of the character which has slowly been building from the start of the story I mean come on this guy is no gigolo and he was shown to be very loyal in the begining and obviously he may put on a mask or hide behind the pleasure but the mind can only take so much. Really, really, REALLY!!! Want to see where this goes.
2012-08-09 01:30:29 Me and My Sisters Friend Part 2 (My Sisters a Slut) Really entertaining but I can't help but feel something was missing?? But totally awsome great job please update.
2012-08-12 01:30:54 Clean Slate CH 1 Loved it can't wait to see more the brother must be an idiot to be tricked so easily but they have said ignorance is bliss. Great job, Chow B001 out!
2012-08-17 21:49:25 My cousin the BOSS part 1 Great story my I be so bold as to inquire that Linda was harassed by her older? Younger? Brother I miss small details sorry. Over all great story I see that this could be come a great story or was a great memory which ever a good story is a good story. Chow b001 out