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2012-08-11 15:00:27 How Did It Come To This? Part IIIII Loving the story M8 it's brilliant so far, it's really interesting they way you introduce the dreams and such, I would suspect he should or would tell Felicia about them, but I will look forward to the next installment as soon as I can you will get a Positive vIte to help ya out abit! :)
2012-08-11 23:20:03 Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar I decided to continue this story and it will follow the Avatar storylin in Legend Of Korra with some new bits added in and bits taken out depending on where Raiden is at the given time as it is told form his perspective. The next chapter will have a sex scene and then after that there probably wont be another until Part 4, 5 or 6 depending on how the series will fit into this chronicle. Thank you for your support!
2012-08-13 09:09:11 Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar Sure I'm sure i cna find some way to work your character into the story, infact I already have an Idea on a way I can work him into the story. Thank you for your support!
2012-08-15 10:08:18 Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar You clearly haven't read enough into the character I have created or you have and are being a fanboy by twistin the words I have written to make it somthing it's not.

1) the only people that know of Raiden are the avatars and those associated directly wih him even then they don't fully know who he is, his powers are kept hidden.

2) He is a PARTIAL AVATAR he can't go into the avatar state or the spirit world, the only thing he can do is bend all four elements that the spirits and passed Avatars deemed necessary so as to protect the avatar.

3) Don't try and compare this to a fanfic on "Star Wars" they are not comparable

Lastly if you don't like it fuck off neg vote of you want but don't try and fuckig make this look bad because your little fanboy feelings are hurt so piss off
2012-08-15 17:36:13 Avatar : The Legend of Korra and the Immortal Avatar Part 2 Thank you, yes I usually do read through my work before posting on any website but due to the nature of this particular part I forgot to, I do apologise.

I also should mention I made the mistake of attempting to write this using an IPhone on this website so with my IPhones malfunctioning auto-predict and auto correct system it does appear to h e caused a multitude of problems for me as I an writing, I course due to my lack of judgment this has been passed on to include the readers as well, I do apologise and will take greater care with Part 3 and onwards

Thankfully, USSTemplar