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2012-08-03 10:07:10 How Did It Come To This? Part I I'm going to write a part two. I enjoy writing and this is my first story, I also explain in the introduction that this whole first chapter is to introduce my characters. If you dont like it, Dont read it, Pretty simple bud. All those tags are going to happen, I put them knowing I already have the story planned out. What you're doing isnt constructive critisism, It's just being foul. I would happily take suggestions on how to up my writing and your reading experience. Thank you! US
2012-08-03 10:33:35 How Did It Come To This? Part I I will gladly keep on writing! Thanks for your support. Also, To anyone who I accidentally misled with the tags, I apologize, I will now label each part with its respective tags. Thanks again! US :)
2012-08-03 18:51:24 How Did It Come To This? Part II Thank you for the positive feedback! Also, If its not to much to ask, If you rate negative, Could you explain why in the comments?
2012-08-03 19:25:38 How Did It Come To This? Part II Always nice to see a fellow DS fan :) I plan on taking it far, Part III is finished and unlike part I and II Im actually proofreading. Thanks for the feedback! US
2012-08-03 23:05:40 How Did It Come To This? Part II No problem, I'll for sure write longer scenes.