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2012-08-07 18:53:16 You Ain't Gonna Believe This... Glad you guys found it funny
2012-08-10 07:53:06 Stephanie's First Lesbian Adventure Glad that a lot of people seem to like this one. For the person who commented boring, could you tell me what it was you found so uninteresting? That way I can try to work on it in future stories. This is my favorite out of what I've written and seeing the response has me thinking there may need to be a couple more adventures for Stephanie as she explores the Lesbian and BiSexual fantasies she's always had....
2012-08-15 10:36:54 You Ain't Gonna Believe This... Glad you guys like it. Not gonna lie, I was worried with the number of negative votes, but none of those people commented so I can't even find out what they didn't like about it. Thanks for the positive votes guys, I have a bunch of funny jokes in a notebook at home, I'll have to post a couple more.
2012-08-16 20:07:22 You Ain't Gonna Believe This... I'm assuming u read one of my stories cuz I don't see how this joke makes someone wet.... But thanks anyway, glad my writing made someone laugh and more
2012-08-31 20:23:37 Stephanie's First Lesbian Adventure Yea, sorry about the typos. Some are just fast fingers, others are cuz my iPad loves to correct stuff but normally corrects it to something that it wasn't intended to