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2012-08-17 23:22:48 A MORAL DILEMMA Fuck this sick pedo shit
2012-08-17 23:25:05 Meet Old Friends...End up Fucked Fuck this sick gay shit
2012-08-19 01:21:05 A MORAL DILEMMA The girl is underage you and sick pedo writers just try to justify jacking off to children. This is wrong the girls should be 18 but look young.
2012-08-19 23:51:23 A MORAL DILEMMA Again you try to justify jacking off to young girls. You write this because you want to fuck young girls you sick fuck.

Pedo shit is wrong because tucking young girls is sick. Do what I do and tuck girls over 18 who look young that's not wrong like pedo writers.
2012-08-21 14:58:15 A MORAL DILEMMA There is a big ass diferance between liking legal girls who look young and jacking off to young girls who look older.
What I do is legal what you sick teen fuckers are doing is promoting sex with children.
You are sick and your story is wrong because its close to child porn.