Comments from Bend Over Backwards

Date Story title Comment
2012-08-05 04:55:15 Julia cums clean with Mitch, her brother. Okay story but clumsily written. Try 'pacing' the action so that it flows better. 3/5
2012-08-05 05:00:08 family home prt2 Why did you bother? Really, I cannot believe that (a) you wrote this story and (b) that you thought it was good enough to inflict on the rest of us! Jeez...

Take some helpful advice: DO NOT EVER give up your day job to becoem a writer because I can guarantee that you'll starve!
2012-08-05 05:05:36 The Stepsister I agree with other comments that you should think about writing this as a full-lenth story like your other ones.
2012-08-05 05:08:41 The Things Girls Say! Part One - Debbie Oh wow, this is more like it! I LOVE the way you build up the story instaed of just jumping right into thye sex action. I came TWICE reading this. I hope Part Two is as good!
2012-08-05 05:11:54 The Things Girls Say! Part Two - Telling Tracey Yes! Yes! Yes! Exactly what I hoped for. I'm not usually into incest stories but the way you write makes this so romentic and sexy it really doesn't matter that it's brother and sister sex. Fantastic writing! Made me cum again and again. This one goes to the top of my favourites list :-)