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2012-08-08 00:29:40 Case Study 301: Holy Shit my daughter wants to fuck me I wish my father would pound me deep and hard like Miles did to Amy. It would be wonderful if her father would give her a new child
2012-08-08 00:32:33 Case Study 301: I become a seductress It would have been great if my father and I got along well enough that we could have tried some fun stuff together
2012-08-14 01:23:25 Case Study 301: I want to be your little porn slut daddy once again good job keeping it fresh with the one dude and three girls at the same time. the first comment has something with having sex in or around the church again
2012-08-14 01:25:33 Dad+Naughty Jenifer(;( a paragraph would be nice and she should have sucked her father off in the beginning
2012-08-15 00:14:15 case study 301 Amazing! a little long but can't wait for the next chapter. Loved it