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2012-08-13 01:55:07 Evil Souls Have No Limits I am going to have a proofreader for chapter two as I discovered I missed several simple things even after I read it over.

Let's see here to ther other guy, when you decide you can use real words we might be to level since you can figure out your question. Otherwise, I will assume that this is above your reading level and therefore no need to explain anything
2012-08-13 02:23:54 Evil Souls Have No Limits Upon Scanning over the chapter here I realized that there is a format issue between word and the website poster. it seems that A Lot of my quotation marks have been replaced with questions marks. I will pay a little bit more attention to the formatting conflicts now.

After posting and realizing my phone moved the curser and words was typed out of order, I will correct a previous sentence. it should read "Lets see here, to the other guy, when you decide you can use real words then we might can talk because im not deciphering your shit. "
2012-09-12 14:21:23 Evil Souls Have No Limits (Chapter 2) I promise chapter 3 will get back to the sick twisted and brutal like chapter one please drop suggestions if you have some I'm open ears
2013-01-25 12:02:50 Girlfriend's Sister I'm happy that those who enjoyed hearing of my experience liked it. I am not a professional writer nor do I care to become one. I am well aware of a lot of technical writing techniques and so forth. However, since my exploits are being written out on a cell phone to pass time while working, I am not too concerned with technicalities. I was not making a big deal out of "Amanda" being a year younger. It was simple setup for a short background so the story would make sense. It would help your argument to get the name right. If you are going to criticize my typing then, at least try to scroll back up and getthesimplest thing like a name that's repeated several times actually right. I won't quit ny day job. It's to easy. This is a sex story website for amateurs. This is not and will not be anything professional for me or anyone else posting here. If formatting is such a problem then I suggest you stop being a cheap ass and buy a real book. I will continue my exploits in the next few days.